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Frameless Shower Door
Widths - 20" to 30"
Heights - up to 76"

Features Include:

  • 3/8" Tempered Safety Glass
  • Euro Handle
  • Frameless Design
  • Highly Polished Edges
  • Clear Glass
  • 6 Finish Colors Available
  • 2 heavy duty hinges
  • Custom Widths & Heights
  • Replaceable Clear Sweep
  • All Installation Parts Included

Chrome Nickel Bronze Brass Pewter Copper
Available Finish &
Glass Options
Regal Frameless Shower Door - Brushed Nickel Finish with Clear Glass
Frameless Shower Door

Brushed Nickel with Clear Glass

Each Shower Door is custom fabricated to fit your opening per industry standards. Because of necessary precise measurements, we highly suggest that you contact us for assistance in the measuring process. Frameless shower doors are not sealed, gaps are necessary for the proper operation of the door. Please ensure that your curb has a 1/4" per foot slope towards the shower drain, this is the most common mistake made that causes leaking in a frameless enclosure.

Frameless Door
Widths - to 30"
Heights - to 76"


Width (at base)

Width (at top)

Height (of door)

Left Side (plumb)

Right side (plumb)

Curb (level)



Please Read
How to measure a Frameless Shower Door

1. Measure (to within 1/16th inch) the width at the base of the opening for your shower door. (the opening is measured from tile to tile, or what ever surround material is installed)
Enter between the (parenthesis) in this format: B= ( 24-1/2").

2. Measure the width of the top of the opening at the approximate shower door height.
Enter between the (parenthesis) in this format: T= ( 24-1/8").

3. Measure the desired height to the top of your shower door.
Enter between the (parenthesis) in this format: H= ( 65-3/4").

4. Measure the left wall to check if out of plumb.
Enter between the (parenthesis) in this format: L= ( -1/16")

5. Measure the right wall to check if out of plumb.
Enter between the (parenthesis) in this format: R= ( 0 )

6. Measure the bottom curb to check if out of level.
Enter between the (parenthesis) in this format: C= ( +1/8")

7. Select your hinge location as shown.

Please call us if you have any questions on this enclosure @ (480) 446-2939

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